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If your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you naturally want to help them. Good Landing is here to assist you by providing you with as much information as we can about addiction and drug rehab.

By helping your loved one choose to work with our program, you’re helping them choose to live a life full of happiness, love, and faith. Our treatment program addresses the cause of each patient’s addiction, helps them learn appropriate coping mechanisms, and provides them with the tools they need to live a sober life.


Drug Addiction Defined

Drug addiction is a disease, there’s no doubt about it. However, it’s not like other diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure. It’s an insidious foe that has thoroughly convinced the addict that it’s not an issue. They don’t see any problem with their drug addiction. It has warped their mind to the point that the addiction is normal and anything that works against their addiction is not.

Addiction is complicated, which makes drug rehab complicated. No one simply decides one day that they’re going to be an alcoholic or a drug addict. They don’t suddenly decide to make their addiction the most important thing in their life. It happens gradually over time that it’s hard for the addict to see just how much it has affected their life.

The myths associated with drug addiction don’t help either. Despite what some people say, drug addicts aren’t lacking in any way. They’re not helpless or hopeless. They simply need love and support. They need you, they need Good Landing, and they need to have faith that they can change through drug rehab.

The final part of the definition of addiction is that it’s almost always a symptom, not the cause. There’s often a reason your loved one turned to drugs or alcohol. There’s something else causing them pain that they haven’t addressed. Without addressing this cause, they won’t be able to move away from their addiction.

The Drug Rehab Process

There are a number of different treatment options for addicts. We work with each addict to determine which approach or approaches will work best for them. When an addict walks through our doors, they’ve already taken the first step in the process: they’ve admitted they have a problem and need help. This is where you can be an active supporter and source of help to your loved one. You can provide them with information about Good Landing and help them see how addiction has affected their life and how drug rehab can help.


Patients will go through the detox process once they give up using drugs regularly. This process can be very dangerous for addicts who used regularly or used a large amount of drugs recently. The safest option is for an addict to go through detox with the help of a medical professional. Some drugs can have very severe detox side effects, including seizures and fatal heart attacks. Once your loved one has fully detoxed, they can begin moving forward in their drug rehab and on their path to sobriety.


While the process of drug rehab is personalized, recovery does include at least one form of therapy. Most addicts sit down with a counselor and discuss their addiction, its cause(s), and their own progress in sobriety. These therapy sessions generally continue on a weekly or bi-weekly basis after leaving Good Landing. Some recovering addicts continue seeing a therapist for years.

We offer two other forms of therapy: group therapy and family therapy. In group therapy, participants learn that they are not alone. They build bonds with other recovering addicts and learn to lean on each other. Where individual therapy is designed to provide your loved one with the tools they need to remain sober, group therapy is designed to give them a support system of others who deeply understand addiction and how it affects someone.

This doesn’t diminish your own support or the support your loved one will get from family and friends. However, addiction is an experience that it’s very hard to fully grasp unless you’ve been there. This is why addicts are encouraged to seek out a local support group after they complete the rehab process.

Family therapy is very useful for our patients with addiction rooted in family concerns. This safe space allows the addict to sit down with their family members and discuss past instances that fed into the addiction. Even those whose addictions aren’t tied to a family experience can benefit from this type of therapy. It teaches family members how to help the addict and support them during recovery.

What Addictions Does Good Landing Treat?

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Meth Addicition Treatment

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Good Landing treats a wide variety of addictions, including the following:

  • Alcoholism
  • Opioid addiction
  • Meth addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Crack addiction
  • Prescription medication addiction
  • Other forms of drug addiction

We treat these addictions through our partial hospitalization and outpatient rehab programs. Addicts will go through detox, therapy, and other forms of treatment. A patient’s treatment plan may


These services provided encompass a wide variety of therapeutic settings and intervention modalities.


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