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Good Landing Recovery is where my life radically changed for the better. I was born with a birth defect in my hands that caused me to have multiple hand surgeries all through out childhood into adulthood. My first opiate was given to me when I was six weeks old. I have been on opiates my entire life which spun me into years of drug addiction. Three treatment centers later I end up at Good Landing broken beyond belief. My family had nothing to do with me and I was completely hopeless. Six months later after being completely loved on just like Jesus loved, my life has been completely transformed. I’m back in school finishing my business degree and have had complete restoration with my family. God is good and his hand is on this ministry.


GL has changed my life and saved my family through GOD. GOD is at the center of ALL things, and Trey & his staff base their program on that foundation. With GOD, all things are possible. The miracle to beat my alcohol addiction would not have happened obviously without GOD but also GL!


Good Landing Recovery was instrumental in helping me to get my life straightened out. Good Landing showed me the process to reconnecting with God and the clinical aspect of why a drug and alcohol abuser like myself does what he does and why we’re destined to repeat mistakes of the past without intervention from God and trusting the process set before us. I cannot thank Trey Lewis and his staff enough for guiding me and showing me what real freedom is.


Solid, genuine staff who are committed to bringing hope and love through the gospel of Jesus Christ to the clients. Highly recommend!!


Best place for recovery, bar none. The teachers are amazing and the lessons produced by wisdom are astounding. They have been outstanding at getting my full attention as I gain knowledge of living a clean life. Thumbs up. Five star. Thank you guys.


Today marks the first day and a new chapter for my daughter at GLR. This has been an amazing day filled with the peace and love of Jesus Christ. After tonight’s Community Service there is no doubt in my mind that she is in the right place for healing.


I went to a lot of programs but being at Good Landing changed my life forever.I am sober almost 2 years now If you want to quit this it a place you will get all the tools you need.This is a place that will show you the love of Christ and change your life forever.


Love Good Landing Recovery. What Trey, Rush, and the entire team provide is incredible. Grateful for GLR and what they bring to the recovery community!


I’ve seen the love the leaders here have for those seeking to get free from addictions. They really pour their hearts into the people that walk through the door seeking a fresh new start. Then there’s the powerful testimonies that ring loud and true on friday nights. If skeptical I encourage you to come out on a friday night to hear the stories and testimonies about how many are being set free from addictions! It’s wild! And its hard to hold back the tears as you watch people totally transform and break free from addictions to become who they are destined to be! Truly Amazing and powerful stuff!


They make you feel like family and that they wont give up on you. Very important for me because I felt like everyone in my life gave up on me till I came here. love this place!


Faith based recovery was important to us for our daughter. Amazing group of people who love the Lord, love her and show her how to live her life alcohol free!


Amazing program with amazing staff who truly are dedicated to what they do!!


Awesome place that focused recovery on God


I recommend that if you need help, if you need to be saved, if you want a place to make you feel like somebody, if you want stability,if you want comfort, if you need structure, if you need to regroup, if you want to rebuild, if you want to be happy, if you need someone who cares, if you want to know God, then Good Landing Recovery my friend is what I recommend to take that step forward, to strengthen oneself, to get to know your true self and establish the leadership role God has designed for you. Your comeback story starts here! 


I love it. Its a great place. I have been to seven different treatment centers and this one is the real deal. I am loving life and my new relationship with God


This program genuinely cares for each person that walks through the door. It has the perfect combination of medical & clinical treatment with the staple of faith in Jesus to restore lives and families! I would say that Good Landing Recovery stands apart from other treatment facilities and I wouldn’t send my loved ones anywhere else!!!


Good Landing definitely stands out as far as rehabs go! It is a faith based drug and alcohol program that literally changed my life!Trey Lewis Charlie Campbell and everyone on staff really invest and pour out their hearts into the clients.. They go all out to make sure the people they are helping really succeed in their sobriety and to renew their relationship with God! Good Landing has great community and wonderful sober living! i couldnt have asked for better treatment. This is definitely the place to find your sobriety and get clean!!


Good Landing has absolutely saved my life multiple times. The community and people there are so loving and caring, they truly want what’s best for the client and you feel like an actual person and not just another “intake”!! It’s also faith based which I LOVE we learn all about recovery and at the same time learning about the love of God.

We get something REAL in recovery and with substance.. something that will actually transform your mind, body, and soul!!


Amazing place. Helped me get my life back.


Great people, awesome Christian foundation


If you’re looking for a clear path to God ….as well as a clear path to sobriety – you’ve come to the right place!



These services provided encompass a wide variety of therapeutic settings and intervention modalities.


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