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Guiding You Through Your Road to Recovery by Treating the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

If your loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, they’re losing their life one day at a time. If you’re searching for addiction treatment near me then you’ve come to right place. Help them regain control and save their physical and mental health by reaching out to Good Landing Recovery. We’re here to help anyone who is battling addiction.

Our faith-based approach is based on our four pillars of treatment:

  • Creating an atmosphere of faith – Addiction is more than just a physical and mental disease. It’s also a spiritual one. The atmosphere of faith at Good Landing helps our patients grown and transform their lives through their believe in God.
  • Developing an overcoming spirit – No one overcomes addiction unless they truly want to. We lead our patients to see that addiction is destroying their lives. We remind them that through Christ, all things are possible, including living a sober life.
  • Building a strong body – Addiction can leave the body weak and damaged. We include a personalized fitness plan to help our patients gain the strength and endurance they need to remain healthy through recovery.
  • Trusting the process – Patients have to have faith and trust in the treatment process. They must realize that it’s impossible to go from abusing drugs to being completely sober overnight. It’s a long, hard road to walk, but it can be done as long as they trust us.


Our Treatment Plans

We offer two types of addiction treatment: partial hospitalization and outpatient. With partial hospitalization, patients spend most of the day at a Good Landing facility. They attend therapy, group sessions, physical workouts, and more. At night, they return home. This keeps costs down, plus patients are able to have the comfort that comes with sleeping in their own beds. On the weekends, they are free to pursue their hobbies or simply rest.

Our outpatient program is more relaxed. Patients are able to schedule their treatment around work, school, or other responsibilities. They do have to have the willpower to remain drug-free and to attend every session they have at Good Landing. However, for some, this type of addiction treatment works better. It all depends on what type of addiction the patient is facing and how much help they need.

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The Recovery Process at Good Landing

The first step to recovery is for the addict to recognize that they have a problem. They need to realize that their addiction is destroying everything, but they’re powerless to defeat it. Sometimes, addicts do come to this realization themselves. However, more often, they come face to face with their addiction either through an intervention or by hitting rock bottom.

Once an addict realizes they’re in need of help and reach out to us, we sit down with them to talk. We ask difficult questions, but it’s important the patient answers honestly. This will help our team understand the extent of their addiction so they can formulate a treatment plan.

The detox process may occur before a patient comes to us, or patients may be going through detox when they arrive. This is the physical process of the body adjusting to no longer having drugs in its system. The side effects can be fairly severe for addicts using very dangerous drugs or who have been using for years. We have medical professionals on hand to help patients through detox.

Once a patient is drug-free, it’s time for them to start therapy. This is the main component to addiction rehab, and it’s what we excel at. Our patients will work with therapists, counselors, physical fitness coaches, and worship leaders to heal the mind, body, and soul. When someone leaves Good Landing, they will have the tools they need to live a sober life.

After completing our rehab program, patients will receive after-care treatment. This includes helping them find a support group and providing resources for continuing to live sober for the years to come.

We're Here to Help

If you have a loved one who is a drug addict or are an addict yourself, we’re here to help. We can provide information for helping loved ones see that they have a problem. Before you watch someone you care about destroy their life, reach out to us. You can contact us using the form above or by calling/emailing us.