One of the intimidating parts of going into rehab is the patient doesn’t usually know what to expect. Unless they are patient in relapse, going into the program for a return visit, the rehab experience will be new and untested ground for them, which can be a stressful situation for a person already dealing with the high stress of addiction and substance abuse. Their expectations, shaped by fear and garbled media depictions of the experience, may not be comforting, either. But rehab doesn’t have to be a frightening or intimidating thing.

That’s why it’s good for a prospective patient to get an idea of what a day in the life of a Good Landing patient can be like.

Good Landing Recovery is a Christian addiction treatment facility which addresses substance abuse and recovery for patients looking for a quality rehab program with a strong faith-based foundation. It has helped countless addicts work through their addiction and reach recovery through their program, which is a far cry from what patients might expect going in.

Rehab does not always have the best reputation among those with no first-hand experience of the program. It gets a bad rap from movies and tabloid write-ups, where it can be depicted as a cold, antiseptic experience, a bland descent into the doldrums of a life cut off from the world, or worse, a clinical nightmare of pain and suffering that hurts the patient far more than it helps.

Meanwhile, celebrity coverage in the gutter press can make rehab into little more of a joke, an expensive detox vacation for drug-addled famous people who are in and out of rehab on the regular, using it more like a spa than a medical experience and will return to substance abuse almost as soon as they’re out of the program.

It’s not an encouraging picture. But Good Landing is nothing like any of those hyperbolic depictions of rehab.

A Day in the Life of a Good Landing Patient

Good Landing strives to create a welcoming, positive atmosphere on its campus and in its program. The addict is already struggling with withdrawal, cravings and the guilt of addiction and its painful aftermath, so there is no reason to compound any of that discomfort by making the experience any more uncomfortable on top of all that.

While no day is precisely the same, the days within Good Landing’s rehab program can fall into a standard routine as the addict persists through the program. The day is generally well structured to give the patient a firm foundation on which to rely and prevent any unhealthy brooding or focus on the negative aspects of their addiction.

The day will include the usual mealtimes and an early bedtime to encourage proper nutrition and rest, alike, but the rest of the day is generally split between treatment and therapy programs. With a personalized approach, each patient’s schedule will be subtly unique, but patterns are easy to discern. The patient will spend time in both group and individual therapy sessions, meeting with doctors for one-on-one counseling but also working in small gatherings of patients to share experiences, both struggles and triumphs, with one another.

In between, there will be recreation and rest periods alike, to encourage healthy habits. And, due to Good Landing’s faith-based approach, there will be religious services available, from full church services to Bible studies and other Christian elements to the day.

Rehab does not have to be a frightening plunge into the unknown. With a glimpse of a day in the life of a Good Landing patient, the prospective patient can delve into what to expect and discover a better way forward into recovery.