Coming out of rehab, former addicts beginning their recovery are looking to make a fresh start, but for those who don’t have the education or skills to find a new beginning quickly, that fresh start can be hard to establish. Patients with strong academic or social achievements have a leg up on those who can’t boast such accomplishments, sometimes because addiction prevented such achievements in the first place. That’s why vocational training can be a great asset for many patients in a rehab setting and beyond, particularly in Christian treatment programs.

The role of vocational training in Christian recovery is invaluable to patients who need to start equipping for a fresh start.

Academic and social success have been proven to serve as preventative factors against drug and alcohol abuse in various studies. People who are high achievers in such spheres are just less likely to fall prey to addiction, though of course this is hardly true across the board. Many an Ivy League student or popular queen bee in school have ended up with substance abuse issues, but on average, such individuals are less likely to struggle with addiction than their peers.

On the other hand, those with low academic or social achievements have been shown to be far more likely to develop an addiction problem. Again, being poor and dropping out of school, or being unpopular in class, are not automatic indicators of future substance abuse issues. However, the statistics show that such factors create a more likely chance of addiction struggles than for others without them.

That’s why rectifying such deficiencies in rehab can help prevent further addiction problems down the line for patients who are entering recovery. Effective vocational training can empower individuals to become more self-reliant and sufficient, better equip them to care for their families’ needs and make them stronger leaders in their communities and other roles.

At Good Landing Recovery, vocational training is one of many programs the treatment plan offers to help patients who need it. Like many other treatment programs, this vocational training partners patients with businesses in the surrounding communities to teach them job skills on site, leading to greater confidence, a higher level of employability, a set of new abilities that can be used at many businesses and, overall, make the patient less likely to fall prey to relapse in the future.

It’s even more valuable in a Christian recovery setting. Vocational training not only equips patients to better take care of families, and therefore take on the leadership role as head of the household, but it also makes them better able to serve in group settings as leaders of faith groups and church organizations.

Good Landing can provide vocational training for patients who need it, ensuring they’re less likely to fall back into addiction while also better preparing them for the job market and the social demands of the world outside of rehab when they enter recovery.

The role of vocational training in Christian recovery is one that can prove invaluable in equipping patients for a fresh start. Give Good Landing a call and see what they can do for you today.