Everyone knows rehab is designed to address the problems of addiction and substance abuse, treating patients who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction and working to not only wean them off their drug of choice but also teach them how to avoid future relapse and find lasting recovery. But that is only the physical, medical aspect of rehab. Some patients come in needing more, having endured great psychological and even spiritual wounds while in the throes of addiction. But to properly confront spiritual wounds, patients often need more than a secular rehab program can offer.

Addressing spiritual wounds in the recovery process can require a more spiritual approach in general to rehab.

Treating substance abuse is hardly as simple as just purging the patient’s system of drugs and then patting them on the head and telling them not to do it again. Addiction is a disease, one that can persist even when the drugs aren’t in a patient’s body and your brain chemistry is no longer dependent on them.

And one of the side effects of the disease that is addiction is spiritual wounds, which can prove particularly hard to heal. A strictly clinical approach to substance abuse treatment is unlikely to have much effect on a problem that doesn’t show up in a medical test to be carefully slotted in on a patient chart.

Addiction can bring with it all sorts of psychological burdens: feelings of inadequacy and failure, loneliness, guilt and other such issues. And such burdens aren’t just mental. Carrying such a load can also weigh in on a person’s spirit and leave deep wounds. Addiction can cause a person to take terrible actions and so awful things in the overwhelming urge to get another fix. Lying, cheating, stealing and otherwise taking advantage of friends, loved ones and anyone else who crosses their path is not uncommon for the addict. At the time, they may not notice the toll this takes on them, buried under the need to feed their addiction, but later, during recovery, trying to take responsibility for things done while under the influence can be incredibly difficult.

Secular rehab programs can help with mental health counseling, getting patients the therapy they need to account for the psychological toll of such acts. But such issues can also be hard on the spirit, leaving the patient feeling their soul is stained with sin from such concerns.

That is why a good Christian rehab program can work wonders for such patients and their issues. Christian rehab doesn’t stop at the physical or mental threshold of treatment, but seeks to treat the spiritual, as well, to ensure a full treatment regimen that can result in a more thorough recovery.

Treating spiritual wounds takes a spiritual approach, one that seeks healing through a relationship with God and an understanding only He can help the recovering addict truly find peace and atonement through Him.

Good Landing Recovery is a faith-based rehab center that uses a Christian framework for treatment to help patients find recovery from addiction and substance abuse while also treating any spiritual wounds they may have along the way.

With their help, patients can address spiritual wounds in the recovery process and find a better way forward through treatment for the whole person, body, mind, and soul. Give them a call today and get started.