For addicts looking to find treatment and recovery in Georgia, there are plenty of options to choose from across the state. Inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization programs and more options are available throughout the Peach State… but many of them are secular programs, with little to no reliance on faith or spirituality. This can leave some addicts, looking for something beyond just the standard rehab approach, wondering, are there Christian rehab centers in Georgia?

Well, good news: yes, yes there are.

Even better news: Christian rehab centers often represent some of the best available choices for addicts looking for successful treatment and recovery from their substance abuse addiction.

What, in particular, marks the difference between a Christian rehab center and its secular counterparts? It’s more than just whether your doctor is Christian or not, or whether your program is supported by a church or not. Both could be true, and yet the program fall short of the promise  of a true Christian rehab program.

A full-fledged Christian rehab center takes faith as one of the central tenets of its treatment approach. Clients will do more than just listen to a devotional every now and then or get Bible verses to memorize during therapy. A Christian rehab center is not Sunday school. Instead, Christian precepts and philosophy will be woven into every aspect of treatment, emphasizing a dependence on God and His grace not only to receive help from addiction, but help in all aspects of life through His love and protection.

Two christian people are praying together over holy bible.

For those who do choose a Christian rehab center, the benefits are obvious. It offers people of faith a familiar background with which to fight their substance abuse, of course. But it offers lasting effects, too: research has shown that clients of Christian rehab centers are statistically less likely to relapse than clients of otherwise similar secular treatment centers.

A simple, preliminary search will easily find rehab centers that promise a Christian foundation to their services. What the prospective client will need to do is examine each possibility’s plan of treatment to determine if it truly offers what they want and need for their addiction.

Different Christian rehab centers may be tied to one particular denomination or creed, which might make it more or less appealing to each individual client. And you’ll want to make sure the treatment plan is what you want, outside of its spiritual aspects, for your particular needs.

Still, you should easily be able to find one that suits your purposes.

And don’t forget to consider Good Landing Recovery, a faith-based substance abuse treatment facility that offers a program thoroughly grounded in Christianity and can adjust to the client’s needs no matter what they may be.

Good Landing has treated many clients for substance abuse and helped them find true, lasting recovery with treatment options designed to bring in a Christian worldview to address the patient’s concerns. Even secular patients can find relief at Good Landing, as no one is expected to convert just to receive treatment, but for those who actively want a faith-oriented approach, Good Landing offers just that.

So if you’re scouring the state wondering if Georgia can boast any Christian rehab centers, look no further than Good Landing.