You might think it doesn’t particularly matter if your rehab treatment plan is secular or Christian in orientation. To some degree, you might be right. After all, both can help you beat an addiction, which is the key part of any rehab program. What’s the difference if one is based on a program of self-help and willpower and the other oriented around faith and religious belief?

Well, it can make a big difference. It’s more than just philosophy, too.

There are real and tangible differences between Christian Treatment and Secular Treatment.

A secular rehab treatment plan generally involves a clinical approach combined with some sort of 12-step program, perhaps with a peer-based reinforcement system designed to keep the former addict on the “straight and narrow” through a buddy system and general willpower.

A Christian program will sometimes include aspects of this approach. Almost every program will involve a clinical approach, of course. Many will use aspects of a 12-step program, which has plenty of merit on its own. The sort of peer-to-peer support system some programs use has a lot to recommend it, as well.

Such programs have all shown success on their own and secular programs have plenty to recommend them. They are quite effective in their own way.

But a Christian program offers that and more.

A faith-based rehab program adds a spiritual aspect to the recovery process. Those seeking to rid themselves of an addiction can find themselves facing an emptiness in its place, not only physical through withdrawal but also psychological and even spiritual.

Christian treatment seeks to fill that void with a relationship with Christ.

Faith in Jesus can give the addict additional strength and aid in a way no secular aid can hope to do so.

And it’s not just the recovery process faith can aid. Studies have shown that clients in faith-based rehab programs are less likely to relapse later. This threat can plague many recovering addicts who are hoping to leave their problem behind but are sometimes unable to do so. Faith can almost literally take the role their addiction once did, fulfilling their need without having to resort to their original vice.

Good Landing Recovery offers such a Christ-centered approach to treatment and recovery. Of course, Good Landing does not prevent secular clients from using their services and does not compel anyone in their program to believe in something they choose not to pursue. But the doctors and staff at Good Landing present Jesus as a vital part of their process that can definitely help those who choose to let Him.

If you have the choice between a secular treatment plan and a Christian treatment plan, take the latter. It offers everything you could get from the former with benefits the secular plan cannot hope to achieve.

With faith behind you, recovery and lasting results can be yours. Good Landing Recovery, and its reliance on Christian belief and faith-based programs, promises the very best treatment to make it so for you and your loved ones.