To properly treat addiction and help a client shake its hold on their life, it is vital for a treatment plan and program to do what it can to lay down a solid foundation for recovery.

At Good Landing Recovery, that foundation is, at its core, a Christian foundation, based on spiritual development and faith-based treatments to not only address addiction on a physical level but as a spiritual malaise.

When clients arrive at GLR, they enter an environment that facilitates spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical change. Their lives will be transformed through stimulating activities, group accountability, physical exercise, biblical counseling, and above all else, a purposeful relationship with Christ.

GLR also works diligently with families to build healthy relationships and restore previously broken or damaged bonds. We help form plans of action that will allow our clients to live our successful lives in stable, peaceful homes following treatment. Our aftercare programs and outpatient coaching provide the necessary community ties that enable our clients to develop, practice, and implement the skills necessary to maintain sober, Christian lives.

At Good Landing, our treatments don’t just deal with drug and alcohol issues. Our approach is designed to address and heal the entire person, encompassing the body, mind, and spirit.

When someone completes our program, we guarantee that they will experience significant growth in each of these areas. This ensures they will be armed with the necessary tools to live a successful and fulfilling life once again.

All of this is due to the facility’s deep foundation of Christian belief. Many a secular program can treat addiction based on standard clinical protocols, but such an approach, even when successful, can be incomplete in fully healing a client and achieving lasting recovery.

The Christian foundation of Good Landing’s approach can complete that process, filling the void left behind by the addiction with the spiritual relationship that the facility’s Christ-oriented program hopes to facilitate in any welcoming client.

You can find successful treatment and even long-lasting recovery at a secular drug and alcohol treatment program, there’s not denying that. But studies indicate that individuals participating in faith-based rehab programs are better positioned to avoid relapse. This success rate is not just due to a difference in clinical treatment or any sort of difference in the quality of staff, much of which will be quite the same between secular and faith-based facilities. No, it comes down to that spiritual foundation and the transformation it can affect in a client’s life.

Good Landing Recovery is dedicated to helping each and every client find help and recovery from their addiction through a specifically tailored, individualized treatment plan. But while each client’s plan may involve a different approach as needed, they all rely on that same core foundation of spirituality and Christian belief that can make a true difference in a life.

Give Good Landing a call today and let them help you or your loved one find the help they need to treat their addiction and find true recovery via the program’s foundational values at the base of all they do.