If you’re seeking treatment at a Christian rehab and addiction treatment facility, you may be either a practicing or lapsed Christian and find it comfortable to seek help in a center that reflects your own beliefs and upbringing. On the other hand, you may instead feel a bit unworthy, as if your struggles with addiction have made you unable to practice your faith as you did before addiction took hold. But that’s hardly the case. There’s never a bad time to reconnect or nurture your faith, even in the midst of battling your addiction.

In fact, nurturing spiritual growth in recovery could be one of the best things you could do during this process.

For many practicing religious observers, their faith is not just a minor aspect of their life on the weekends, but a major component of their life and how they approach the world around them.

Addiction can undermine this, as it undermines so much else in an addict’s life. The chemical and psychological dependence of substance abuse can see an addict downplay or forsake just about everything they once considered important to their daily life and routines: family, work, social interactions and, yes, their religious faith. Going to church, prayer and other religious rites and observations seem less important to the addict in the shadow of the constant urge to score another hit of their drug of choice.

When the patient emerges from detox and starts to receive treatment for their addiction, it can be hard to reconnect with some of those touchstones of pre-addiction life, but religious faith can be especially tough. The patient can feel as if they’ve fallen short of the moral standard laid forth in their creed’s practices and possibly imagine themselves unworthy of rejoining their sect and its observances in the wake of their lapse of faithfulness.

Nurturing Spiritual Growth in Recovery

At Good Landing Recovery, however, this is far from the case. Good Landing is a faith-based, Christian-oriented treatment center where grace and forgiveness are emphasized, and reconnecting with faith and growing it during recovery is an important part of the process for Christian patients.

Christianity emphasizes confession and forgiveness of sins, after all, so the recovering addict can work on growing their faith knowing their former offenses are behind them. Instead, even as they work on their recovery from addiction, they can also work on nurturing their connection with God and growing their faith so it can once again be the bedrock of their dedication to their beliefs.

This is not an incompatible approach, either. Faith can be an important part of a person’s life and perception of themselves, influencing their thinking on feelings of security, social structure, and general well-being. A person with a strong faith is a person who is better equipped to work through recovery and remain sober going forward.

Good Landing can help patients with both aspects of recovery, from addiction and to a stronger faith, for those patients looking for each side of that equation. Give them a call today and start your journey to nurturing stronger faith in recovery from addiction.