Those addicted to drugs or alcohol often feel alone. They have seen some of their friends and family turn their backs on them because of what they’ve done while addicted. Without any support, they may decide getting sober just isn’t worth it.

That's why community is such a key element of breaking free from addiction.

The community found in a Christian addiction treatment can be especially comforting because it’s a faith-based group. It’s not just a group of addiction survivors, it’s a group of like-minded individuals who have come together in Christ to combat addiction.

Making the Choice to Get Help Often Means Losing a Community

Addicts often find that when they make the decision to stop using drugs, they lose their community. This is because over time, they have traded their old, sober community for one made up of people who use drugs. Often, the only thing the person had in common with this community was drug use, so when they decide to seek substance abuse treatment, they no longer have any reason to see these people. They also quickly realize that if they’re serious about becoming sober, they have to walk away from this community. They need to find a new community that focuses on sobriety, not drug use.

What Can Being Part of a Community Do for an Addict?

Being a part of a community, even if it’s a community that comes together in a drug rehab center, gives people a place they feel like they belong. It creates a safe space where everyone knows that they are among friends who care for each other. This is especially true in a community of Christians who have the same goal of sober living. They’re united in their faith and in their desire to overcome addiction.

The people in such a community have similar histories and understand what addiction is. They’ve all been there, and they can all relate to each other’s pasts, even if their addictions were different. They can support each other and help each other through cravings and other troubled times. Best of all, everyone in the community knows they’re not alone. They know there are other people who have gone through what they’re going through. These people are there for them, and just knowing that is a comfort.

Communities also help recovering individuals live a healthier life.

As they become more sure of their sobriety, recovered addicts may begin finding more and more communities to join. They may become a member of a church community and continue to embrace their faith. They could join a gym and become part of a small community of others who work out together. Over time, recovering addicts will be able to move from feeling as if they have no one to being an active member of several enriching communities.

How Can an Addict Find a Community?

Recovering addicts find their first post-addiction community in rehab. Here at Good Landing, we create an environment where community is key. Patients become a community of their own within the larger community that includes staff, therapists, and doctors. This community lifts each other up and helps each patient reach their goal of sobriety. Once patients leave, they often remain in contact with the friends they’ve made here. These relationships last far beyond the 30 days of intensive recovery.

Once a patient leaves Good Landing, they’re not on their own. Besides having the community forged during their time here, they may also choose to become a part of a twelve-step support group like AA or NA. These communities continue the work that began in rehab. They provide reassurance, support, comfort, and accountability. It’s a community where people can give back to those who are still struggling with their addiction and share their own experiences.

Our Community Welcomes Those Struggling Against Addiction

If your loved one is fighting addiction, we’re here to help you and them. Please contact Good Landing today to learn more and to start the process of getting your loved one back into a healthy, happy community.