Substance abuse and addition are hardly conducive to a strong spiritual connection or religious experience. Consumed with the ever-gnawing need to feed their addiction, few addicts can maintain even a semblance of religious practice when the only thing at the center of their attention is their addiction itself. But as an addict works to shed their addiction and leave substance abuse behind through rehab, they can also use the experience as an opportunity to renew and rebuild such spiritual ties they may have had before addiction reared its head.

With help from a Christian treatment program, you can successfully work on reconnecting with your spirituality in rehab.

Many people who once regularly attended church and felt they were in good standing with their religious experience can quickly find that that relationship with their spirituality quickly decays in the teeth of substance abuse. Whatever led the addict to begin using drugs or alcohol soon pales in comparison to the force of full-blown addiction, which can easily dominate the addict’s life in a way they can find hard to shed.

In such circumstances, church attendance, prayer, religious practice and any other connection to their spirituality tends to fall by the wayside, replaced in the addict’s heart by their substance abuse, which becomes a consuming experience. After all, if the addict is unable to maintain healthy relationships with friends and family in the throes of addiction, it is unsurprising that they are equally unable to maintain a relationship with God.

It doesn’t have to stay that way, though. Once the addict realizes they have a problem and actively seeks help from a rehab center’s treatment program, they can begin the long work to shed their addiction and rediscover a healthier way to live. And as part of that process, reconnecting with your spirituality can actively join the rehab process and even reinforce it.

Reconnecting with Your Spirituality in Rehab

Rehab is a time when you are already rebuilding yourself after the exhausting process of ending your dependence on drugs or alcohol. As you seek to build a new foundation for your life going forward, seeking out God and a spiritual side to that foundation can help give you a more solid footing in that process and help you re-center your life on something other than addiction.

Entering a Christian treatment program can certainly help with that process. While the addict can certainly begin a spiritual renewal on their own, having it built into the rehab therapy itself can better cement it as part of the recovery process and make it easier to connect your spirituality with your recovery.

At Good Landing Recovery, spirituality and recovery are intertwined for any believing patient who seeks a more spiritual side of rehab and addiction treatment.  Good Landing has a program curriculum which emphasizes a Christian worldview and encourages a spiritual renewal to help not only with recovery from addiction but to help keep it at bay going forward.

Ultimately, spirituality can help provide the recovering addict with a new core identity that resists addiction and cravings and can help keep relapse at bay. A religious aspect to addiction treatment, as seen in Christian rehab centers like Good Landing, can help build that up for the patient and make for a stronger recovery.

By reconnecting with your spirituality in rehab, you can move into a better life after addiction and find a way forward without drugs or alcohol. Give Good Landing a call today to start the process in your own life.