Many addicts go through fully secular rehab programs and have great success. They don't feel the need for a spiritual aspect of their treatment. Yet Christian rehab treatment programs also thrive and emphasize the role of spirituality in addiction recovery. So what is that role and how can it benefit you?

Even Christian treatment facilities use many of the same clinical treatments and programs in their general approach to rehab, which can make a prospective client wonder why a spiritual aspect is necessary to treatment at all. Sure, it’s OK for those who already believe in such things, but if you’re not already a church-going believer, why bother with spirituality in your treatment at all?

We’ll start with the most practical reason up front: studies show that patients who go through a religious treatment program are statistically less likely to relapse later than those who go through a fully secular program that is otherwise the same. 

But why? What makes a Christian addiction recovery program more effective?

Bear in mind this is based on average results and not everyone will enjoy automatic success, even from a Christian rehab center, without putting in hard work and effort.

But spirituality has a definite place in addiction recovery. For some, placing God at the center of their life is a natural instinct and returning to that approach after dealing with substance abuse is a relief. For others, placing God in a central position is a new approach, but a welcome one.

Addiction is a hard thing to fight, in large part to how much it dominates a person’s life when it has control of an addict. Even once the addict leaves their substance abuse behind, it can be hard to move on with what now feels like a void in their life, an emptiness where their addiction once held sway.

An emphasis on spirituality can combat this, putting God and faith in the center of the patient’s life where addiction once held sway. The void is filled and purpose rediscovered. Rather than a hole in the patient’s spirit, a lack where once they enjoyed solidity, a spiritual approach can, in essence, plug the hole and give the patient new life.

A fully Christian approach, in particular, can allow a client’s faith in Christ to take full control over the treatment and give them something to cling to instead of their addiction, useful not only combating addiction during treatment, but in resisting temptation and cravings during early recovery.

It’s important to know that at Christian rehab centers like Good Landing Recovery, which has a fully Christian approach to treatment, no patient is required to endorse a belief in Christianity or any sort of spirituality to receive treatment or find recovery. But it’s clearly a part of the base of the center’s approach to treatment and patients are encouraged to take advantage of this aspect of addiction treatment.

Find out for yourself the role of spirituality in addiction recovery. Call Good Landing and get their Christian approach to treatment today.