It’s hard enough to deal with a substance abuse problem and the awful rigors of addiction. But it can become even worse when the suffering addict discovers they are also dealing with a mental health disorder. Yet all too many people suffering from one can find themselves facing the other and dealing with dual diagnoses: substance abuse AND mental health problems.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has noted that patients dealing with mental health struggles can also face addiction problems, while addicts fighting substance abuse can be confronted with mental health struggles.

Now the presence of both issues at once does not necessarily mean one caused the other. The number of factors in play makes any such determination difficult. But in general someone with both diagnoses is confronted with one of three scenarios:

  1. They share a common risk factor that contributes to both mental illness and substance abuse/addiction struggles.
  2. They have a pre-existing mental illness that contributed to the development of addiction and a substance abuse problem.
  3. Or their descent into addiction and substance abuse has contributed to the development of a mental illness.

Regardless of which came first or which caused what, however, the true issue is dealing with both an ongoing substance abuse problem and treating a mental illness at the same time. Given the uncertain relationship between the two, it’s hard to decide to treat one in hopes the other will go away. You may start at the wrong end, or simply treat only one symptom of a double-headed issue.

Instead, you’ll need to look for a treatment center that is certified to treat both problems at once. You’ll need rehab therapy to battle your addiction and substance abuse issues, while you’ll also need some sort of psychiatric or medical care for any mental illness you are simultaneously encountering.

While this may seem like a big ask, it’s not as hard to find as you might fear. Many treatment centers have faced patients with similar struggles before. A trained psychiatrist  or other mental health specialist will often be on staff to help addicts overcome their substance abuse, so they’ll be available to help such patients with mental health struggles, too.

You’ll want to do your research on any treatment centers you’re considering to make sure they can handle both of your diagnoses, but fret not. Such questions should be accommodated easily by most facilities looking to treat your concerns.

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It’s hard to deal with both addiction and mental illness at the same time, but dealing with a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental health issues doesn’t have to be overwhelming with the right help. Call Good Landing as soon as you can and get started treating both of your problems today.