Sometimes the worst thing that the Lord can do for you is actually give you what you want. That can be judgment in your life. How many of you right now are thankful that whenever you prayed for something in some toxic relationship later on realize that God did for you what you wouldn’t do for yourself?

Sometimes you’ve got to thank God that He didn’t give you what you want because if He gave you what you wanted, that would have been the judgment on your life. So eventually He gives Israel a king. And Saul started off right and eventually started doing what was right then started worrying about what people thought about him more than what God though about him.

How can we related this into our modern world? People who enter drug rehab centers, for example, are being judged by people who barely even know them. This shouldn’t be the case. You shouldn’t mind what people think of you as long as you know you’re doing the right thing in God’s eyes.