Before deciding on what rehab center is right for your loved one, you need to understand how these facilities differ and what to look for in selecting the right one. Not all drug rehab centers are the same. While many are similar, they may not all take the same approach, have the same qualified staff members, or offer the same treatment options. Here are a few things you need to know about rehab centers before you select one.

The Best Rehab Centers Know They're Not the End of the Process

For some, addiction is a lifelong disease, and the best rehab facilities understand this battle. The staff at these centers understand that they’re not permanently “curing” their patients. Instead, they’re helping them learn about themselves, their addiction, and the root causes of that addiction. They’re giving patients the tools needed to combat their addiction on their own. The doctors and therapists understand that their patients will keep battling addiction every day for the rest of their lives.

Price Isn't Everything

Some rehab centers are incredibly expensive, but this is one area where you may not necessarily get what you pay for. Luxury rehab centers that charge tens of thousands of dollars aren’t always better than the much more affordable options.

Carefully consider the amenities and the cost involved in a program, of course, but also, be sure to consider the credentials of the staff and the offered treatment programs. Also, remember that many of the rehab facilities work with insurance companies to make the visit more affordable.

Understand that “Success” Rates Aren't the Same

Many rehab centers will say they have a success rate of 80% or higher. Unfortunately, that number means very little without context. For some, this means that 80% of the people who entered the rehab facility completed the program. For others, it means participants have been sober for three months after leaving the facility. Still, others may track participants for up to a year after they finish the program and use that information for their success rate.

The problem is that not all facilities use the same benchmarks for success, so it’s hard to compare programs. It’s best to do your own research and decide what success would look like to you. For most people, success isn’t completing a program, it’s defeating addiction.

Your Facility of Choice May Not Have Any Openings

Another thing to consider when looking at rehab facilities is how many people they can take in at once. Because many health insurances now cover addiction, many more people are now seeking help for their substance abuse problem. This means you may find that your loved one isn’t able to enter treatment right away, especially if you’re looking at a highly rated facility. The best rehab programs will offer some sort of help in the meantime, even if it’s just some books to read or online programs to join.

Your Loved One Doesn't Necessary Need to Go Away for 30 Days

When most people think of drug addiction recovery, they think of a 30-day facility where patients live for a month. While these programs are still out there and can be very beneficial, they’re not the only option. Some addicts find that going to an outpatient facility is both more helpful and more affordable. Another option is partial hospitalization. Addicts go to the rehab facility during the day, but they return home to sleep and on the weekends. This greatly cuts down the cost of the program, but studies have shown it doesn’t necessarily make it less effective. Many addicts have found success with this type of program.

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