Addiction takes a toll on relationships, especially the relationship between the person using drugs and their spouse. As the addict uses more and more, they may start to lie, use household money to buy drugs, and neglect their spouse and children. This can destroy the Marriage if the addict doesn’t seek help. Fortunately, if they commit themselves to getting sober, Marriage can often be saved. If you’re looking online for “addiction treatment near me” to repair the damage addiction has done to your Marriage, here are a few ways treatment can help.

1. The Addict Becomes Sober

The biggest impact addiction treatment in Atlanta will have on Marriage is that the addict will become sober. They will no longer be addicted to drugs, which will, in turn, transform their habits and even their personality. Drugs literally rewire the brain by changing which and how much of certain chemicals are released. By becoming sober, the addict will begin returning to their habits, actions, and personality they had pre-drug use. Many of the things they did and said while abusing drugs that caused conflict will stop.

2. They Won't Spend Money on Drugs

Money has the potential to destroy any relationship, but it can be especially damaging to a marriage when one spouse feels like the other is spending irresponsibly. When an addict spends money on drugs that should be going to pay for housing, utilities, food, and other necessities, it’s going to cause conflict. Fortunately, drug rehab centers will help your spouse break their drug habit. Without the need to buy drugs, the two of you will be able to sit down and work out your finances to help you (and your Marriage) get back on track.

3. You Will Both Learn How to Communicate

Here at Good Landing, we encourage all of our patients to invite their spouse and family members to family therapy. We use these sessions as a stepping stone to recovery and to help you both communicate your feelings, needs, and expectations to each other. It’s not a place to accuse the patient of anything or be negative. Instead, it’s a time to heal. By learning how to communicate better, you’ll both be able to express yourselves better. Communication is key in any relationship, and by learning how to listen and more clearly state your thoughts, your Marriage will become stronger.

4. You Won't Need to Cover for Your Spouse

If your spouse has used drugs for months or even years, you’re probably used to covering for them. There are many reasons people do this, and it’s not limited to spouses. Some people simply refuse to believe the addict has a problem. Others want to avoid explaining the situation or are embarrassed. No matter what the reason, these people find some way of covering for the addict’s behavior. For example, if your spouse showed up high to a family gathering, you may have made some excuse about not feeling well to leave quickly.

Once your spouse is clean, you won’t need to do this any longer. You won’t need to make up stories or lie about why you can’t go to an event or need to leave early.

5. Your Marriage Won't Be Covered by a Fog of Suspicion

While married to an active drug user, you’re always going to be second-guessing what they say and what they’re doing. Are they really working late, or are they buying drugs? Were the really fired for the reason they gave? Did they really oversleep, or were they high? Once your spouse admits they have a problem and dedicates themselves to getting sober, you can begin rebuilding the trust that their addiction has destroyed. Our family counseling sessions will help you learn how to do this.

Good Landing Can Help Save Your Marriage

When you were married, you vowed to God and all present to love and support your spouse through sickness and health. Addiction is a sickness. With addiction treatment at Good Landing, you and your spouse can overcome this sickness and emerge with a marriage that’s even stronger than before. Contact us today to learn how to get the process started.