Rehab is a familiar concept to nearly everyone, if only from tabloids, gossip columns and movie biopics. But not every rehab facility is the same, offering different approaches and differing methodologies in how they address patients’ addictions and dependencies. Good Landing Recovery, for instance, is a Christian rehab facility, but that draws the inevitable question from those who may wonder what that entails: what IS a Christian rehab facility?

It’s not an idle question. While Good Landing Recovery treats addiction with many of the same techniques and treatment plans non faith-based treatment facilities utilize, it’s the additional touches, those entrenched in a Christian approach, that makes Good Landing truly different.

Good Landing is, in many ways, no different from most rehab facilities. The program offers full medical and clinical facilities, staffed by certified counselors and medical staff. Good Landing offers traditional approaches, both 12-step and non 12-step treatment plans, as well as inpatient approaches and a full 90-day program.

But Good Landing offers much more. The Christian rehab facility tailors its approach to each individual patient, allowing them to treat each person in their care with the specialized plan necessary to their particular addictions.

Even more importantly, these treatment plans are Christ-centered and biblically based to break the chains of addiction, restore hope and provide the experience of lasting transformation.

Ultimately, Good Landing Recovery exists to destroy the power of addiction in individual lives by creating an atmosphere where God can restore families and lives through the body, spirit and soul.

There are four pillars to Good Landing's base approach to treating addiction at their Christian rehab facility.

  1. Establishing an atmosphere of faith
  2. Developing an overcoming spirit
  3. Building a strong body
  4. Trusting the process

Studies show that faith-based programs are better suited to producing patients who avoid relapse. Some patients can pass in and out of rehab programs, cleaning up and then relapsing once more only to enter rehab and start the process all over again. But a Christian rehab facility program, like Good Landing, can help prevent relapse by giving those who suffer from addictions something to rely on in the place of their dependencies. 

A secular program may clean up the patient, but can leave them rudderless, seeking something to fill the void left by their cast-aside addiction. Without that something, they can sometimes choose to return to their addictions and relapse.

Good Landing can give them that something in the form of a Christ-centered approach. By using a faith-based program, they can teach patients to find God in the empty space in their life and avoid relapse through faith and commitment.

What IS a Christian rehab facility? It is a facility that doesn’t just treat addictions, but in many cases, treats the source of addictions in the emptiness of lost souls. It provides a centeredness a secular program cannot and produces results many facilities could only hope for. It is what Good Landing Recovery offers and it can be there for you and anyone else who needs it.