One of the biggest reasons some people turn to drugs or alcohol, and the same reason some return to it even after rehab, is to deal with stress. Modern life can be stressful and some people in high-pressure job fields or dealing with many personal issues, in looking for a way to handle that stress, can find a seeming solution in substance abuse. But after entering recovery, the addict can struggle to find new ways to handle stress without their trusted go-to response.

That is why it is imperative for the recovering addict to find ways of coping with stress without substance use.

Substance use is seen, in many circles, as a normal response to stress. How many movies have there been where a protagonist’s first response, after overcoming a high-intensity situation, is to have a stiff drink? How many times have other movies or TV shows shown marijuana use as a way to unwind and relax? Sherlock Holmes did heroin to relieve the stress of boredom on his tremendous mind, and high-functioning stock brokers and firm executives are often shown using cocaine as a relief valve.

Even when it’s not condoned, then, it’s perceived as normal to some extent. We expect people to use some sort of addictive substance to deal with stress. And in some cases, that might be acceptable. Not everyone who takes a glass of whiskey to steady their nerves becomes an alcoholic, after all.

But when substance use for stress turns into substance abuse and addiction takes hold, the addict must find a new way to handle that stress to avoid further problems with addiction. After leaving rehab, returning to substance use for stress is not an option lest addiction once again prove a problem. So what then?

Coping with Stress Without Substance Use

There are numerous ways to handle stress, from things as simple as just squeezing that rubber stress ball to finding elaborate ways to handle a build-up of stress. Each person must find what works best for them, as long as they don’t turn to substance abuse in the process.

You might try taking up a hobby. Whittling a piece of wood, building a model ship or playing a musical instrument can help calm the person without having to ingest any dangerous substances.

Others might take up meditation or turn to prayer or quiet study or any other way of slowing down, decompressing and finding a moment of peace among the chaos of stress.

At Good Landing Recovery, patients are encouraged to find ways to handle their stress without turning to the substance use they may have once relied on for such occasions. Stress can be a major concern, and the struggle to remain sober can only add to stress, so finding healthier coping mechanisms is vital.

Coping with stress without substance use is an important and necessary step on the road to a greater recovery. WIth the help of Good Landing Recovery, you, too, can learn to cope with stress without turning to addiction. Give them a call today to get started.