You or a loved one have admitted to a damaging drug addiction and agreed to treatment for this substance abuse, only to confront the next hurdle in getting the help you need: where do you go to get that treatment? How does one go about taking the best steps to choose the right drug rehab facility?

While there are numerous options for those struggling with addiction to help them face their dependency and find recovery, not every option is right for every patient. It’s important for a patient’s long-term recovery chances that they find the right choice the first time, to better prevent relapse and get the best care and treatment they can possibly receive.

To make that choice, you need to know what you’re looking for in a rehab center to begin with. Without knowing your criteria in picking a rehab center, you can’t hope to make an informed decision.

So, first off is determining that criteria. Unless you know what you want from a rehab center and what you want in the form of treatment, you can’t determine what center will best serve those needs. Discuss your needs with your family and loved ones and decide what is most important in the search for a rehab center. Then begin winnowing down options based on those options: do you have alcohol dependency? Then you don’t need a center that primarily focuses on the abuse of hard drugs? Do you want a fully secular approach? Then you may not want a religious oriented center… but if you do, you’ll want to find one that truly embraces that mantle rather than simply drapes it across the building like decoration.

Once you know WHAT you want from a rehab center, you can start to look for WHERE that rehab center might be. This is where research will come into play. You’ll need to start looking in rehab centers in your area, whether you’re surfing the web reading reviews from former users or simply perusing the Yellow Pages and calling every rehab center in the listing (if you even still HAVE an up-to-date phone book around). Cast a wide net and search for rehab centers in a large region around your area.

Once you have a certain number of potential candidates, take a deep dive into their methods, their credentials, their facilities and other aspects of the center. If possible, maybe tour the campus of each potential clinic, interview former patients and the like. Compare each to your needs and see which feels right.

And make sure the rehab center you choose takes your needs into account. For instance, if you’re looking for a Christian rehab center, you want more than lip service. You’re looking for a true spiritual connection.

For that, you might take a look at Good Landing Recovery, which combines the best in clinical treatment with a deep reliance on God and a Christian worldview to help clients find true recovery from their substance abuse.

So, give them a call and find that maybe the best way to choose the right drug rehab facility is to simply pick Good Landing.