You went to rehab. You seemingly kicked the habit. Yet now you’re on the outside again, trying to adjust to the world without addiction, and it’s a struggle. You’ve either relapsed already or know it’s only a matter of time before you do. So now you’re asking yourself: what do I do when rehab doesn’t work?

The first thing to do is not to give up. Rehab didn’t have the desired effect for you this time, but that doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause. Relief from your addiction can be found, but it may take more time, and possibly more or different resources.

Rehab, after all,  is not a wonder drug or magic pill that will automatically kill your addiction forever, unfortunately. It’s a process, and sometimes it’s not even the entire process, but simply the beginning of the process.

One of the reasons rehab may not have worked is it left you without a support group after you left.

Trying to navigate your recovery without help is often a way to fail at recovery. Your willpower alone isn’t’ necessarily enough to resist all the social, psychological and habitual reminders of your former addiction and its continued pull on your mind.

Many former addicts join outside support groups, often with a mentor figure as part of a buddy system to check in on your progress, to help keep you accountable and remind you others are invested in your continued recovery and sobriety.

This gives the addict something to cling to and give them a lifeline when addiction is clawing at them and demanding they give in.

There’s also the chance that the rehab you chose wasn’t the right choice for you.

While most rehab programs use relatively similar clinical approaches to treatment and recovery, each program will be unique and have its own benefits and its own drawbacks compared to other programs.

In particular, you might have been missing something in particular from rehab that only faith can provide.

A Christian rehab program centers recovery around a religious worldview with Christ at its core. It doesn’t expect you to simply leave your addiction behind and try to move on with a void in your life where your addiction once was.

No, a Christian rehab program works to put God in that void and leave you with a certainty that a secular rehab program can’t necessarily provide. It’s a certainty that works for many, as research shows that clients from religious rehab backgrounds are less likely to relapse than clients from similar secular rehab programs.

Good Landing Recovery is such a Christian rehab program and has had great success with helping clients find true recovery and move on without fear of relapse.

So if rehab doesn’t work for you, don’t give up on the entire concept. You can find relief from your addiction with the right approach and Good Landing has a rehab program made just for clients like you. Give them a call and find a rehab that DOES work.