Some people come home after a stressful day and unwind with a glass of wine or a beer. But if you’re a recovering alcoholic, that’s not an option. Drug addicts often feel the same way about using drugs. These substances become such a part of their lives that they don’t know how to relax and unwind without them. If you or a loved one has completed alcohol rehab or drug rehab, you need to find a new way of dealing with stress. Here are a few different ways to unwind without alcohol.


Your drug and alcohol counselor might strongly advice reading. Whether it’s a book, a magazine, or some articles on the internet, reading can help you unwind. You can get lost in a good book or focus on learning something new. By letting your mind focus on something else, your subconscious can process the events of the day. You may suddenly realize the answer to an issue or come to see that certain stressful events weren’t actually that bad while reading.

Watch TV or a Movie

If you find that you’re unable to really focus on reading, watching TV may be a good way to unwind. Put on your favorite show or movie. Watching TV can help distract you from any cravings you may have while also helping you relax.

Get Outdoors

For some, being outside instantly helps them unwind. If you feel less confined and more free when you’re outside, start going for a walk or a run to unwind after work. You can visit a part, walk to a restaurant, or just take a few laps around the block. You can also listen to music, an audio book, or a podcast while you walk. It’s a great way of clearing your head. If you plan on going for a run, you could even make plans with a friend to run together. This can help motivate you when you find it hard to keep up with your routine.

Do Yoga

Yoga is another excellent form of exercise that can also help you relax and destress. Yoga can be done anywhere, and you really don’t need any special equipment to do many of the poses. If you’re not sure how to get started, you’ll find many online yoga videos and tutorials. Of course, you can also find a yoga studio or join a gym that offers yoga classes.

Take a Bath

Baths can be very relaxing. The warm water helps soothe your muscles, allowing your body to relax along with your mind. Scented bath bombs or candles can further help you relax. You can read or listen to music while in the tub, or you can simply close your eyes and rest.


Meditation isn’t a difficult activity, but many people don’t really understand what it means to meditate. Most people do understand that it involves focusing on your breathing. Beyond that, meditating can really be whatever you want it to be. Some people try to blank out their thoughts and only focus on breathing. Others have a mantra they focus on. Some people work through their day while meditating by examining situations and acknowledging the emotions those situations caused them to feel. However you meditate, the goal is to help you be mindful of your breathing and the moment.

Replace Alcohol with Another Drink

Instead of sitting down with a beer, brew a nice cup of tea. There are a number of blends created especially to help people relax, so you can try one of them if you don’t have a favorite tea. You could also drink your favorite soda or even a cup of coffee, although you want to be sure you don’t over-indulge in either. The key is to replace the habit with another, more positive one.

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