The concept of “one size fits all” has never worked well in addiction treatment. Rather, addiction treatment requires a more specific approach, tailored specifically to each patient’s individual needs. Only through a program designed to meet the patient halfway can truly lead to lasting recovery. Good Landing Recovery takes this concept to heart and makes it a vital part of the process for each patient.

With the personalized recovery plans at Good Landing Recovery, each patient can be assured they have the best chance to find a path forward to the end of addiction and true recovery from substance abuse.

No patient is alike, and neither is their particular struggle with addiction. While addiction, in general, is the same from person to person, each patient’s particular journey into addiction and struggle with substance abuse is unique in its own way.

In much the same way, a uniform approach to addiction treatment is not suited to many patients’ needs. While some can thrive in a regimented program that seeks to treat patients on a strict, by-the-book approach, many will find such a treatment style leaves their specific issues and problems unaddressed or under-appreciated.

This is why many patients need a tailored approach to addiction treatment, a personalized plan that can take into account an addict’s unique issues and help treat them in the best way to help the patient find success and lasting recovery.

What such a plan looks like will, obviously, look different from case to case. The doctor will meet with the patient and discuss options, though the doctor will generally have final say, particularly in the early parts of treatment, when the patient is still struggling with their addiction, undergoing detox and may be resistant to further progress.

Personalized Recovery Plans at Good Landing Recovery

But the methods and styles can change as needed. Some patients may need more personal, one-on-one sessions with the doctor for success. Others may thrive in a group setting and attend more such sessions to meet and share with others. Patients may stay in inpatient care for longer or shorter periods than others might. Detox may be needed but length and severity will change as necessary.

As a faith-based addiction treatment facility, Good Landing Recovery also emphasizes the spiritual aspect of treatment when possible, but such plans are not mandated. Patients who do not seek out a religious angle to treatment will not be subjected to unwanted proselytizing, though the overall program remains steeped in a Christian worldview. The patient will be consulted on all elements of their treatment to ensure they are comfortable and making good progress.

A personalized plan makes for a better treatment plan and is more likely to produce positive results for each patient who undergoes such care. Good Landing Recovery makes such personalization a key aspect of its treatment options to better ensure lasting recovery in each patient who comes out of its program.

For the struggling addict looking for a better way to leave addiction behind, there can be no doubt that the personalized recovery plans at Good Landing Recovery are one of the best things that can happen to them.

Give Good Landing a call today and let them craft a personalized recovery plan for you to get started on your own path to recovery.