You know you need to do something about your struggles with substance abuse, but you’re not entirely sure where to start. The problem of addiction seems so big, so overwhelming, you’re left stymied in even attempting to imagine how to confront the issue. But there are certain actions you can take to begin your pathway to escape the cyclical struggle with addiction.

Here are some practical steps to start your journey to recovery.

As cliche as it sounds, if you’re even considering the need for recovery, you’ve already taken the first major step: admitting you have a problem. It may sound like empty language, the sort of therapy-speak TV uses in lieu of actual substance, but the phrase is a well-known trope for a reason, and that’s because it’s true. Recovery cannot begin without an acknowledgement of the NEED for recovery, so by seeking out help by admitting you’re struggling with addiction, you’ve taken the first vital step to finding a way out of the morass of substance abuse.

Next, you should seriously consider reaching out to loved ones and telling them about your struggle and seeking their assistance in confronting your addiction. They may not be surprised – sometimes addicts are less adept at hiding their substance abuse than they think – but even if it comes as a shock to them, they can offer you moral support and practical aid in making decisions on what to do next.

But your loved ones can only do so much for you. They can root on your progress, they can lend you advice and minor assistance, but only you can directly address your recovery and you have to accept, early on, that you cannot simply shrug off your addiction and beat it through sheer force of will. Trying to simply quit cold turkey and surviving withdrawal can occasionally work for some people when trying to quit smoking cigarettes, but a serious addiction to more addictive substances needs a serious, guided approach.


What you need is to find an addiction treatment facility that can help you end your substance abuse with a proper clinical atmosphere and therapeutic program designed to treat your addiction and find lasting recovery in the long run.

Practically, then, your next step is to find and select such a recovery center and put your treatment in their hands. This is where your loved ones can lend practical help by helping you research and choose such a clinic, but ultimately, this is your choice alone in the end. You need to find a center that has the amenities and clinical methodology that best suits your needs.

You might consider Good Landing Recovery, a faith-based, fully accredited addiction treatment facility that can help you through detox and therapy to find lasting recovery from substance abuse. They have a long track record of success in helping addicts find recovery through practical steps and Christian thinking for lasting results.

Seeking recovery from addiction is a difficult process and requires a solid approach to making sure you stick to the program and don’t fall back into addiction before you can get the help you need.

By taking practical steps to start your journey to recovery, you can better guarantee your chances of finding that lasting recovery and shaking substance abuse for good. Give Good Landing a call and get started today.