Everyone knows the benefits of going to rehab — in particular, a chance to beat the cycle of addiction and find freedom from substance abuse. But for some, a secular rehab program is not enough, and they can find themselves falling back into the same old routines. For such patients, a Christian rehab program can produce greater results as the benefits of a Christian rehab become evident in their life.

At first glance, the differences between the two program approaches may not be immediately evident. Both likely use similar methodologies, including clinical programs, in-patient treatment, various programmatic plans and other courses of treatments. From a clinical standpoint, the difference between a 90-day stay at a secular rehab program and a Christian rehab program is, on the surface, seemingly negligible.

But a Christian rehab program offers many benefits that a secular program cannot.

it all comes down to the worldview behind a religiously oriented program and the faith it brings to bear on a patient’s substance abuse problem and addictive behavior.

Offering support and comfort. Shot of two people holding hands in comfort

While a Christian rehab program will still offer much of the same clinical offerings a secular program would — group therapy sessions, one-on-one meetings with a doctor, perhaps a 12-step program or similarly designed course of treatment — it offers so much more, as well.

In a Christian rehab program, greater emphasis is placed on the need to rely on a greater power to help the patient end their addiction and kick the habit of substance abuse.

Where a secular program relies primarily on individual willpower to fight against addictive behaviors, a Christian program knows that human effort can only extend so far and that help from a higher power can often be necessary to end addiction and keep it at bay in the future as well as right now.

This can take many forms — prayer, studies in the Bible, a simple, common understanding that God is behind you in everything you do and can aid you in ending your substance abuse. But it’s a standard approach in a Christian rehab program, one a secular program predictably cannot offer.

When an addict leaves their substance abuse behind, it can leave a void behind within the recovering addict, one that was previously filled with drugs or alcohol and can tantalizingly beckon toward  a return to substance abuse should the patient’s willpower waver or the addiction prove too strong to end in just one attempt at the problem.

A Christian rehab program seeks to FILL that void with Christ and his redeeming love, to provide a client with the faith and empowering presence of Jesus in their life to help them fight off further addiction and substance abuse problems.

At Good Landing Recovery, a Christian rehab facility with all the faith-based teachings to help transition a patient from addiction to recovery, this approach can make a big difference in the life of someone struggling with substance abuse. In fact, research shows that clients who go through a Christian rehab facility are less likely to relapse than those who go through a secular program alone.

If you’re looking for a rehab program with more to offer, consider a Christian rehab program, in particular the offerings at Good Landing Recovery, and see the difference it can make in your life or the life of a loved one struggling with addiction.