For new clients looking for a positive rehab experience, it can be hard to know what to expect.

Rehab is generally treated as either a joke — the sort of thing entitled celebrities check in and out of seasonally like a scheduled vacation — or as a horror story — bleak, antiseptic nightmares led by uncaring and hypocritical staff — by books, movies and other media. There’s little room in such a climate to find out what rehab is really like and what it can for you.

But rehab can be a positive process — in fact, to be truly effective, it SHOULD be a positive process. It can be difficult, occasionally seem impossible, but by the end of a rehab stay, you should be able to look back from the other end and know you’re doing better than when you came in and can say your experience helped you.

You’ll hear about rehab stays as a “drying out” process, but if rehab is only about being held somewhere in which drugs and alcohol are not available until the client is “clean,” then rehab has only done half the job. Such a client could easily drift back into old habits from such an approach, leading to the popular if misleading concept of rehab as a revolving door for addicts.

No, rehab should be a life-changing, transformative experience for the client, the sort of thing they hopefully only have to do once because they come out as a different person, divorced not only from the things they were addicted to, but from the addiction itself.

At Good Landing Recovery, rehab can involve a lot of different things. Each client's experience is tailored to their specific needs, meaning no rehab experience is exactly like another's.

The program offers a number of different approaches — outpatient services, individual and group therapy, life coaching, family counseling, mentoring programs, physical fitness and nutrition sessions, professional skill development, transitional care and aftercare — all hopefully leading to total transformation.

When clients arrive at Good Landing, they enter an environment that facilitates spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical change. Their lives will be transformed through stimulating activities, group accountability, physical exercise, biblical counseling, and above all else, a purposeful relationship with Christ.

This approach is designed to address and heal the entire person, encompassing the body, mind and spirit, ensuring they will be armed with the necessary tools to live a successful and fulfilling life once again.

The typical treatment plan at Good Landing generally involves a 90-day program. An admissions specialist will first interview a prospective client or family member over the phone or via Skype to determine suitability for a client and the proper approach.

If accepted, Good Landing will begin treatment based on the roadmap created during that initial session, providing a course of treatment suitable for each individual seeking recovery, from a partial hospitalization program to an intensive outpatient program.

What follows is designed to be affirming and caring, to create an atmosphere that will not only help the client beat addiction, but find a spiritual connection to God that will help them maintain that victory over addiction.

Rehab can be hard, particularly in the beginning, but a successful program can also be transformative. Give Good Landing a try and see the difference it can make in the life of someone you love.