The signs are clear: you, or a loved one, need to enter a drug rehab program to kick an increasingly dangerous habit and reach full health and wellness once more.

So, which one? What program best offers you or your loved one the support and resources they most need to make their rehab not only work once, but hopefully stick, as well?

There are numerous options out there, all offering glowing testimonials to how much of an effect the program had in this or that person’s life. Which can you trust? Which is best for your individual needs?

What should you look for in a drug treatment program?

No single article can give you exactly the answer you’re hoping for to this question. For one thing, there are countless programs out there and comparing and contrasting every single one that could possibly help you is far beyond the scope of this piece.

For another thing, the efficacy of any individual program to your circumstances is highly personal. Each client has their own, highly individualized needs and a program that caters to one person’s needs might fall short in having the best solution for another person’s needs.

Still, there are certain aspects of any program you’ll want to see in place before you think of committing yourself to such a protocol for 45 or even 90 days.

First, you want to ensure any program you’re looking at is accredited with the state in which you live and hires doctors and nurses with all the correct licensing and qualifications in hand. The last thing you want is to trust your health and life to a quack without any actual experience beyond platitudes and good salesmanship.

Next, you want to make sure any program in which you invest time and money in has a proper clinical program in place. It doesn’t necessarily have to stick to a 90-day program to the letter — various clinics will modify their approach as needed, which may be exactly what a client needs — but the need for a proven, clinical approach at the base of any program is keen. Don’t let some newfangled program use you as a guinea pig for their latest “cutting edge” – i.e. unproven – techniques.

Most importantly, for those looking for a spiritual approach on top of the physical treatment of rehab, take a look at the philosophy behind their rehab program. A secular program can treat a client’s addiction, even defeat it, but sometimes leave them feeling hollow afterwards, without anything to fill the void they feel was left behind.

A faith-based program such as Good Landing, however, offers spiritual counseling and a Christ-based approach in the program that gives the client new hope beyond the end of their addiction. They seek to rid clients of addiction and fill the void with Jesus, all at the same time.

Finding the right rehab program is a highly personal issue that can make a big difference in a client’s health and life. Make the right choice with Good Landing and find how they can make a true change in your spirit, too.