Every rehab facility and addiction treatment program must base their approach on a conceptual foundation of some sort. Whether secular or religious in background, all such programs base their approach on some philosophical program or another.

Good Landing, as a faith-based recovery center, has Christian thinking behind its every facet, and conceptualizes this approach in what it calls its four pillars of recovery.

The four pillars for recovery lay out the basis for Good Landing's entire approach to treating addiction.

Good Landing’s 90-day recovery program uses Christ-centered and biblically based treatments to break the chains of addiction, restore hope and experience lasting transformation.

Good Landing does this through its four pillars: 1. Establishing an atmosphere of faith;  2. Developing an overcoming spirit; 3. Building a strong body; and 4. Trusting the process.

First comes establishing an atmosphere of faith. Good Landing’s recovery program is steeped in faith, from beginning to end, and those who engage in the program’s 90-day will do so in a setting based on Christian thinking throughout.

Next, the program is dedicated to helping the client develop an overcoming spirit. Addiction maintains its power over an addict through creating psychological and chemical dependence, leaving an addict at the mercy of the substance and the repeated need to partake of it in whatever form it takes. To defeat the addiction, the client must develop an overcoming spirit to find the strength to overcome that dependence on their addiction and defeat its hold on their life.

Third, the client must build a strong body. Overcoming addiction is much more difficult if the addict is already in poor health, making the addiction’s hold on the addict all the more powerful. The client must establish healthy habits to overcome the addiction and find the strength to resist its continued pull on their willpower.

Finally, clients must learn to trust the process. Detox and rehab are not an easy process. It can be a hard road for the client and a difficult time to undergo, particularly in the early going. Discouragement can set in and leave the client potentially ready to quit before the program is complete. This can only lead to failure.

Only through trusting the process and undergoing the entire program can the client hope to try and beat their addiction and find recovery at the end of the period.

These four pillars of recovery lay at the foundation of Good Landing Recovery’s conceptual approach to rehab and treatment. With those underlying everything they do, recovery can be in reach for a client as they seek the way to defeat their addiction with help from the experts at Good Landing.

Faith is part of the core of everything Good Landing does in its approach to treating addiction. It forms the base of its four pillars for recovery in helping each and every client who comes through its program to find healing and relief from what preys on them.

For those in need of help with addiction, give Good Landing a call and try their four pillars for recovery in finding your own relief from addiction.