If you’re looking for a rehab and recovery program to help fight a substance abuse problem, you may wonder if there are particular reasons to choose a Christian rehab program over a standard, secular program with similar parameters.

Each patient has their own unique needs and requirements in fighting addiction and finding recovery, of course, but there are actually multiple reasons to choose a Christian rehab facility and find its unique benefits available to help your or your loved one shake off addiction and end a substance abuse problem.

Christian rehab programs may have various similarities to secular programs, particularly if they use similar clinical programs and methodologies. It’s not on that side of treatment you’re likely to see a radical difference.

No, the reasons to choose a Christian rehab program come in the spiritual approach to addiction treatment, which can truly transform patients who are open to accepting all levels of this direction in the recovery process.

A secular rehab program can certainly achieve positive results in a patient’s life and help them reach recovery from unhealthy addiction. Such programs are perfectly capable of giving patients a route to defeating substance abuse and finding a way out of addiction, even without a religious basis for their approach.

But a Christian rehab program doesn’t just treat the physical or even mental aspects of addiction, but also the spiritual side of this complicated issue.

Addiction can create chemical and psychological dependencies that overwhelm a person’s life, but addiction can also have a negative spiritual effect on a person, as the addiction increasingly becomes the center of an addict’s life, controlling their behavior and thinking.

Even after an addict has seemingly shaken their addiction, this effect can persist, leaving the addict with a void in their spiritual makeup where their addiction once resided, making it a dangerous emptiness the addict may seek to fill with other unhealthy behaviors.

A Christian rehab program, on the other hand, seeks to fill this void during the recovery process with a faith-based, Christ-centered approach to treatment. A patient who finds recovery through a connection with God can re-center their life around something other than their addiction and find a healthier approach to life via faith and spiritual healing.

A Christian rehab facility like Good Landing Recovery treats both Christian and non-religious patients, however, and patients are under no obligation to become Christians or pursue the spiritual side of treatment if they are uncomfortable doing so.

Nevertheless, research shows that patients in Christian rehab facilities are less likely to relapse than similar patients in secular programs. The benefits of such a program extend even to those patients who aren’t interested in making a lifestyle out of the faith at the core of the program.

Such reasons to choose a Christian rehab facility make a program such as Good Landing an excellent choice for those seeking to find recovery from addiction.

Give Good Landing a call and they can offer such benefits to you or your loved one today.