Bland, off-white walls with peeling paint and pastel accents. A vague, antiseptic scent of cleaning products permeates the halls. Half-dazed patients shuffle through the halls. A quiet sense of desperation clings to everything. This, the movies and books so often tell us, is what drug rehab centers are like.

The tabloids tell us that drug rehab centers are little more than clinical vacation resorts. A place where an addict retreats to “detox”, clean up their act for a few months before heading out into the world. Where they are completely unreformed and dive right back into back habits.

There might be truth to both extremes. The bleak, impersonal rehab program is based on some examples as much as the celebrity revolving door programs.

But for most patients, drug rehab centers are far different than what the tabloids and movies would lead you to believe.

A proper drug rehab center, particularly an in-patient program, will be more than just shuffling through hospital hallways or an extended vacation.

Instead, a drug rehab center will present a combination of group sessions, therapeutic consultations, clinical treatments and other programmatic workshops.

To start with, the program may seem a bit dictatorial, as the addict is isolated from the outside world in the early days while they work to work the remainder of any illicit substance out of the patient’s system.

But rehab isn’t prison and as the patient finds success in their recovery process, they will find rehab a freeing process, as they gain more privileges and freedoms even as they shake off the shackles of their addiction.

But it is work. Addicts aren’t at rehab just to clean themselves up and then head out to resume bad habits all over again.

A proper rehab program is designed to teach the patient not only to shake off their addiction but to learn coping mechanisms to avoid temptation and prevent falling into old, destructive patterns of substance abuse and addiction on the outside.

And ultimately, rehab is designed to provide the addict with true recovery. They should leave rehab at the end of their time there, not only clean, but prepared to face a world eager to knock them down again and see them fall into old, bad habits.

In the end, however, a drug rehab center must be experienced to be truly understood from the inside out. For those struggling with addiction, it is vital to select the right drug rehab center for their needs and get the help they need to fight their addiction and defeat any substance abuse.

Good Landing Recovery is a drug rehab center built expressly to do just that for patients and give them a true, strong foundation to stand on and preserve their sobriety, mental well-being and overall health when old addictions rear their head. Give them a call today and find out from the inside exactly what a drug rehab center is like firsthand.