All drug rehab centers provide patients with a program to help them end their reliance on substance abuse and stop the cycle of addiction in their lives to find true recovery in their lives. No matter what approach they take, they essentially all have that in common. Yet, nonetheless, Christian rehab centers are definitely a bit different.

Their overall mission is not much different than secular rehab centers. Many of their standard clinical methods are quite similar. A glimpse into a group session or a momentary stop in a therapy class might not seem all too different from any other rehab program.

Yet, taken overall, Christian rehab centers are different. Which brings up the obvious question, given all the surface similarities:

HOW are Christian rehab centers different?

Overall, it all comes down to the spiritual dimension of the Christian approach to drug rehab and recovery.

All rehab and treatment programs are designed to help someone recover from the chemical and psychological dependencies produced by addictive substance abuse. At the end of a successful rehab stay, the patient should have cut ties with the physiological need for a drug and found coping mechanisms to help combat the potentially lingering psychological need for a substance.

Yet a Christian rehab center is equally concerned with the spiritual needs of its patients, providing them with the elements and faith-based treatment they need to ensure their spirituality is cleansed of addiction alongside their other dependencies.

After all, addiction can create a flawed conception of what an addict’s spiritual needs are centered around, changing it from a proper faith to a warped dependency on an addictive substance.

Christian rehab centers and their programs know full recovery is only truly possible when former addicts replace the void created by removing that false center of addiction with a proper spiritual grounding in faith in God and a Christ-centered approach to recovery.

This understanding undergirds everything a Christian rehab center does for patients, transforming even the standard clinical programs and protocols seen in secular programs into altered forms of themselves, designed to reach deeper into patients’ lives and create greater, more lasting recovery.

This difference can be seen in the results, as well: research shows that patients of Christian rehab centers are far less likely to relapse than their counterparts in secular rehab programs.

But the difference is really there throughout the very core of a Christian rehab program. Every session, every class, every gesture of outreach is fueled not only for a desire to help the patient escape the cycle of addiction, but to find spiritual healing and faith-based recovery in all aspects of life.

Ultimately, though, the difference is best experienced in person rather than merely described, however. To do that, the addict must take a leap of faith and enter a Christian rehab center themselves.

For addicts and their families looking to reap the benefits of that difference, a program such as Good Landing Recovery is exactly what they’re looking for. Its faith-based, Christ-centered approach to recovery can manifest that difference in the life of their clients, given the chance.