While the primary focus of rehab is to overcome addiction and heal for those struggling with substance abuse, the very nature of addiction often means those working through recovery are dealing with other problems as well. Addiction can bring along accompanying trauma, often caused by substance abuse itself, which can produce additional roadblocks to recovery for the patient.

This is why it's vital for rehab to assist in overcoming trauma in addiction recovery, helping patients with the process of healing wounds of the past.

There are a number of traumas that addiction can cause through its effect on each person. Addiction can break up relationships, destroy familial ties, wreck careers and more. Each addict entering rehab likely has some trauma, large or small, from their substance abuse, with each story unique to their situation.

This is why rehab doesn’t stop with detox and a bit of counseling on how to resist future drug use. To truly set a recovering addict on the path to full recovery, you must deal with the surrounding issues of their previous drug use, and that includes any trauma caused by such drug use.

A full rehab regimen will include therapy that is designed to delve into all the concerns around each patient’s substance abuse, both individual and group sessions allowing the patient to explore the trauma they have encountered due to substance abuse and find ways to work through it toward greater recovery.

Now, a clinical rehab regimen is not necessarily equipped to deal with pre-existing mental illnesses and deep-seated traumas. Patients who were attempting to use substance abuse to self-medicate for such concerns will likely need to seek out a specialist who deals with mental counseling, treating, and healing trauma on a long-term basis.

But even there, rehab should help the patient get a start on dealing with why they were self-medicating in such a way and find the courage and initiative to seek out more in-depth professional care for whatever their trauma might be in such a case.

Overall, rehab should be a program that understands your addiction is likely not just a simple problem of drug or alcohol use, but a complex web of issues and traumas that manifests itself as a growing pattern of substance abuse.

At Good Landing Recovery, their rehab programs include counseling and other therapy treatments to help patients start dealing with trauma and find healing even as they seek recovery from their addiction.

With the help of their professional, caring staff, recovering addicts can find an understanding environment that will take their problems seriously and work to treat and heal their trauma, not simply paper over it in an effort to get them out the door.

If you’re dealing with substance abuse, you’re likely dealing with trauma of some sort. Overcoming trauma in addiction recovery is key to finding a way to heal any wounds of the past you may have taken in the course of your addiction.

Give Good Landing a call today and get the help you need to heal from your addiction, and your trauma, alike.